What’s in my gym bag?

I try to make it a goal to work out at least three times a week. This means that three times a week you’ll see me lug this bag out to my car in the morning and back into my house in the evening. But what makes the cut and actually gets into the bag? I thought it’d be fun to show you!


First, let’s start with the actual bag itself. I got this as a gift from the bride of a wedding I was in (score!) and judging from the Thirty-One on it, I’m assuming it was from Thirty-One Gifts. The bag is made of a strong canvas material and is nice and big which makes it perfect for all of the stuff I take along with me!


I have a bit of a commute from my gym to home and I was finding that on the drive home I would get crazy hungry. Like so hungry that as soon as I stepped foot inside my house I was just eating everything in sight – which isn’t the best when you’ve just worked out and are trying to lose weight. I went down the granola bar route but that got expensive plus I was done eating it within 5 minutes of me leaving the gym. So I turned to protein shakes. My main priority was just finding one that didn’t cost a bunch of money and could help curb my hunger on the drive home. I ended up finding this whey powder at Target. They offer this powder in smaller “snack” size so I’m able to get what I need for way (whey….lol) cheaper than a huge tub, while also making sure that the shake does what I need it to do. This flavor is chocolate and it actually doesn’t taste that bad!

The blender bottle I also got from Target. It’s just your normal blender bottle, but this one has a little part at the bottom that unscrews off so you can put snacks in there or vitamins if wanted.


Even in the dead of summer I can get pretty cold just wearing a tank top while driving home, so I always make sure I have a long sleeved pullover that I can throw on when finished at the gym. This one is from Old Navy’s active section – super comfy plus it has those little holes in the sleeves for you to put your thumbs through.


I go straight from work to the gym so I have to bring along a couple of toiletry items to help get myself ready. This “wish” bag I got as a gift over the holiday season – I believe it was from Bath and Body Works. In it, I make sure to keep some lotion, some chapstick, a TON of hair ties (you lose them, people borrow them, etc) and a brush to help throw my hair up.

The last items you’ll find are my workout clothes (obvs) and my gym shoes. I found these Nike Flex Supreme TR4s in Famous Footwear last winter. Like the name says, these are really flexible which works swimmingly for my cardio dance classes. Plus they breathe extremely well! While they had a bunch of different colors to choose from, I decided on these because the black goes with anything but there’s still a pop of color with the pink and teal.

So there you have it! A look at the essential items I take to the gym with me every week. This does change during the colder months (gotta get that layer game going) so hit that like button if you want to see a winter gym bag post!

What are some items you keep in your fitness bag?

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