Visiting Anchorage, Alaska

After three flights and six hours of layovers, my fiance and I finally made it to Anchorage (luggage made it too!). If you have never been before, just go. Trust me on this. Everywhere you look there’s an amazing view. Whether it’s mountains or ocean or both, you’re surrounded by beautiful landscapes that honestly look photoshopped. As somebody who lives in the middle of the country and has never really seen a mountain before, my breath was taken away anytime we went outside.

One important thing about Alaska is that during the summer, the sun is basically always up. Before landing at 9:30 pm Alaska time (12:30 am my time), I had already warned the friends we were visiting that I was probably going to crash asap. But the sun being up is like giving your body an energy shot. During our previous layover and the entire flight I was exhausted, but suddenly I was awake and ready to go! That first night I ended up not going to bed until midnight Alaska time. Which is crazy.

The sun also totally throws all sense of time you have completely out of whack. Between the time change and the fact it never got dark, I honestly had no clue what was going on. At one point my fiance asked me the time and I was like it could be 10 am or it could be 7 pm for all I knew.

Some fun things to check out if you’re traveling to Anchorage:

  • Hiking: I’ve never been hiking before. While I’m sure we just did a little baby trail, I felt amazing afterward. I got so many incredible photos and it was a great way to spend the morning. Our friends made sure to stress the importance of being aware of the animals though. Bears and moose are no joke out there and it’s important that you try your best not to get near one. We ended up taking bear mace with us while hiking to keep ourselves somewhat protected.

  • Seward Highway: One day we ended up taking a drive to a small town named Girdwood about 40 miles south of Anchorage. To get there, we got to take an amazing drive on the Seward Highway. Running 125 miles long, it will take you all the way from Anchorage to Seward and give you some of the most amazing views. And there are tons of cute places to stop on the way.

  • Breweries: Anchorage is quickly growing their craft beer scene. While I’m not a huge fan of beer, my fiance loves visiting new places and trying different types. A lot of the breweries were super cute so even if you don’t drink beer (like me) it’s a nice place to just kind of be.
  • Markets: On our last day we hit up one of the markets in downtown Anchorage to pick up some souvenirs for our families (and ourselves). Not only were there a ton of vendors selling little trinkets but there was also a ton of food. It made for a really nice couple of hours just kind of wandering around and looking at everything.

The only real disappointment that I had was that we didn’t see any moose. We literally actively drove to spots where there are usually moose sightings and saw nothing. But this means I’ll have to go back somebody! And trust me, I plan on going back.

Have you been to Anchorage before?

Thinking about where to go for your next vacation? Put Anchorage to the top of your list! #vacation #trip #alaska

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  1. I have never been to Alaska, but would love to someday! Seeing your pictures makes me want that to happen sooner than later!! Sorry you didn’t see a moose! I love seeing wildlife when I travel! As long as it is at a safe distance = )

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