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I recently rediscovered the Urban Decay’s Urban Essentials Eye Kit that I was lucky enough to receive over the holidays. Consisting of three eyeshadows, three eye liners, and a small pot of their eyeshadow primer, this kit is the perfect gift for any makeup addict. While everything in it is super nice (this is Urban Decay we’re talking about), I’ve been having the most fun playing around with the shadows.

As I said earlier, the kit comes with three different shadows. Sellout is a light champagne color with pink undertones (left), Bordello is a shimmery pale mauve (top right), and Psychedelic Sister is a deep shimmery purple (bottom right).

Overall Urban Decay did a fantastic job pairing these colors together. You have your typical dark, medium, and light shades that all complement each other and look great combined. My go-to look with these has been Bordello all over the lid, Psychedelic Sister in the crease and outer corner, and Sellout helping blend everything out and adding brightness to the inner corner of the eye. Pretty standard but still gorgeous.

All three are 100% high-quality products. There is minimal fall out when first putting them on, they blend amazingly, and they stay on really well throughout the day. I can be out running errands and my shadow still looks spot on by the time I get home. Super reliable for those days you won’t be able to touch your look up.

Unfortunately, there is one con to these shadows and that is the pigmentation. I love the deep purple that Psychedelic Sister offers but I feel like I have to really cake it on just to get anything close to that color on my lid. If you’re going to give me a deep purple color, give me a deep purple color!

Besides that one issue, I’d say that I really enjoy these colors. Bordello is my favorite and probably the one I’d utilize the most day to day, but I think all of them are great additions to my ever-growing shadow collection.


What eyeshadow is currently your favorite?

Your eyes will pop with these shadows! Take a look at what colors stood out! #eyeshadow #makeup #beauty #eyeshadowmakeup

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