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I think it’s important that every now and then you detach yourself from the world and just let yourself relax. Admittedly, it has been awhile since I’ve taken my own advice so last Sunday I decided to take a couple of hours and have a spa day!

Spa days are super easy to do (and are a GREAT idea for a girls get together). While I had products that were previously purchased and were just kind of hanging out, waiting for me to use, there are a TON of recipes out there to help you create your own! Here are some tips to creating your own home spa day (and on a budget!).

– Start off by taking a nice hot shower! I know, I know, most people would choose a bath when trying to relax (which is totally cool) but for me it’ll always be a shower. I blame the fact that I’m too tall for most tubs so I have to decide between my entire upper body freezing or my knees freezing – no thank you.

NOTE: I would just like to point out that if you’d rather take a bath here – go for it. Don’t let my anti-bath stance stop you.

– If you do go the bath route, throw in your favorite bath bomb or if you’re taking a shower, use a shower steamer. A couple of weeks ago I was shopping and found some amazing steamers. Similar to bath bombs, you just put them on the floor of your shower and the water disintegrates them, giving off a relaxing and soothing scent. The particular ones that I found have a citrus scent to them!

– Help your hair by putting on a hair mask. I used a L’Oréal one but this would be an amazing time to create one with ingredients you have around your kitchen. Hair masks are the best because not only do they help repair damaged hair while adding some much needed moisture, but they leave your hair feeling so so so soft!

– Make sure you lotion up! I think we all know how important it is to make sure our skin is properly moisturized. To help keep me relaxed, I used the Sleep aromatherapy lotion by Bath and Body Works.

– Put on a face mask! Again, this would be an ideal time to create one of your own. I used the Rose face mask from Sephora to help moisturize and brighten my skin. Now that the days are getting a bit cooler and dryer air is coming, it’s important to get in the habit of protecting your skin before winter is 100% here.

– While waiting for the face mask to do its thing, take this time to just kind of lay in bed and relax. Turn off your phone, stop thinking about all the stressors in life and just unplug. Out of everything you can do for a spa day, I’d say this is the most important of all (and by far one of my favorite parts).

Keep in mind, there are a ton of other things you can do to really round out your spa day – manis, pedis, more in-depth facials, massages, etc. The possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite part of having a home spa day?

Take some of these tips to help you relax at home. Creating your own spa day has never been this simple! #spaday #diy #facemask #bathbombs

4 thoughts on “Treat yourself – home spa day

  1. I de-stress by taking a hot soapy bath (we have a jet tub…so lucky). Love to listen to soft music and have a glass of wine. Just realized how long it’s been….tonight mat be a great night!

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