Say yes to the dress – tips on finding your dream wedding dress

As a shock to literally no one, one of the wedding planning tasks I absolutely could not wait to do was look for my wedding dress. I mean who wouldn’t want to try on fancy dresses and get told how beautiful they look all day. Am I right, or am I right? So I picked a date, invited my friends and family, and we were off!

Real talk – I could never be one of those girls that try on like 150 dresses from 5 different places. That would just end up confusing me and clouding my judgment. So when I had the big dress day, I only made appointments at two different places. I figured if I absolutely did not find anything, I could always make more!

Before the day, I did a little bit of research online just to see what advice was already out there. Pair that with my own experience and here are some of my tips for having an amazing and memorable time.

  • Wear undergarments you feel comfortable in. You’re constantly stepping in and out of dresses and there’s no real way to remain modest. While the consultant does their best to give you some privacy they’re going to see you at some point without a dress on. I felt comfortable enough in a strapless bra and some shorts. But if you’re a bit more conservative you might want to wear leggings and a tank top. Everyone wants you to feel as comfortable as possible, so if you do have any concerns please feel free to voice them to your bridal consultant.
  • Let your consultant find you some dresses to try on. The way both of my appointments started was with my friends/family and I walking around and picking out dresses. After that initial round, the consultant picked out a couple of dresses they personally thought I would like. Not only do they have a better idea of the dresses in the store but they’re also able to find things you might not have realized you would love. Out of the two stores I went to, the consultant picked out my top dress from both.
  • Have your friends and family take TONS of photos. After I left the second store it was down to two dresses that I liked. One from the first place and one from the second. Thankfully all of my friends took 8984893759483 photos of each and I was able to easily recall both of them and pick the one I want. And now that I do have my dress, I can always look back on those photos and get excited to wear it all over again.
  • Try some fun dresses on. I’m not a huge fan of big ballgowns but one of my friends got it into her head that she just wanted me to try one on and have a Disney Princess moment. So I did! I knew instantly that it wasn’t going to be my dress (see those straps – I could only raise my hands as high as they are in the photo thanks to those) but it was such a fun moment with my friends and family and will be a great memory. Plus while it might not have been my style, even I have to admit that the dress was gorgeous!

  • Make sure you’re constantly editing. I’m not going to lie, after awhile all the dresses you try on are going to look amazing. I mean there are so many out there and they’re designed to make everyone look beautiful. So it’s important that if you feel like a dress isn’t the one, you get it out of your dressing room. Personally, I’m really good at knowing pretty quick what I like vs what I don’t like so my consultant and I always tried to only have a top three at all times. If I really liked a dress, we replaced one of those three. While sometimes difficult, it will help make choosing one easier in the long run.
  • It’s okay to leave without a dress. Dresses are expensive. And if you’re not 100% in love with any dresses that you try on, it’s totally okay say no. Maybe you’re the type of person who needs to sit on it for awhile. That’s what the photos are for! You can always go back another day.

I will always remember the day that I found my wedding dress. I admit that I was stressed in the lead-up, but it turned out to be a lovely day full of friends, family, and tons of laughs. Follow these tips and I promise your day will be just as magical.

What does your dream wedding dress look like?

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4 thoughts on “Say yes to the dress – tips on finding your dream wedding dress

    1. Exactly! I wanted to be open about trying on anything – you never know what’s going to look amazing on you 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  1. Great post! I went to my first appointment to figure out what kind of dress I was looking for and 7 dresses later found “the one”. It was such a fun and exciting experience. I’m actually sad I’ll never be able to do that again haha. That would be my only addition to your list, take it all in and enjoy every second. Although that’s my advice for the whole wedding since it goes so fast! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I totally agree!!! It’s crazy how time has flown by so far! I feel like we’ve gotten so much done but we still have so much to do!

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