skinnytaste® skinny chicken enchiladas

A couple of weeks ago I discovered and ever since my life has changed for the better. Not only is the site FULL of delicious healthier recipes but it also has amazing meal prep plans along with detailed nutritional info. Needless to say, I had to get the book The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor asap (thank you public library!)

As I flipped through the pages I saw tons of new recipes along with the most mouth-watering photos. And then I came across skinny chicken enchiladas and I knew what I was having for dinner Sunday night (and Monday night and Tuesday night – go team leftovers!).

The recipe actually comes together super easy. It basically consists of two main components: the sauce and the filling. Once those are made then you just have to fill up some tortillas, pour the sauce over it, add some cheese, and throw it in the oven!


Don’t these look delicious?


While originally the pan was covered in foil, once the timer went off I ended up throwing them back in under the broiler (I’ve heard this referred to as a grill for my non-American friends) uncovered. This toasted the corn tortillas up SUPER well and also crisped up the cheese a bit more. The recipe doesn’t call for this but I went a little cray and did it anyway.


The enchiladas turned out SO WELL! My SO and I have very very different levels of spice that we can handle and it was the perfect balance for both of us. I highly recommend you check out skinnytaste and try these out!

What’s one of your favorite items for dinner?

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