September Favorites – 2017

I don’t have anything against September, but I love October so much that I’m usually just waiting for the month to get over. And now it is! Well, almost. Which means it’s time for monthly favorites!

Quick list:


If your September weather has been anything like mine, this entire month has been crazy hot and humid. Luckily, this setting spray works like magic and will save your butt no matter what the temperature is like. Give your face a couple of spritzes after you’ve finished applying your makeup and I guarantee you’ll look flawless all day and night! Trust me, Urban Decay does not joke around when it comes to this stuff.


This lipstick is so smooth, so creamy, and so so pigmented. Perfect for those days when you just want a touch of red (you can lightly blot it on) or those days when you are feeling like a BAWSE and you want to go full out. While it does tend to wear off, it’s so soft that you won’t mind having to reapply.


This brow pencil is spectacular. Not only does it make it so easy to get your brows looking perfect (hence goof-proof) but when I say it doesn’t move once put on, I mean it does, not, move. You can do your brows as soon as you wake up, go to work, go to the gym, sweat your butt off, go home, eat dinner, look in the mirror and it still looks just as good as it did in the morning.


It’s Wednesday, the work week is half over and you’re so so ready for the weekend. The last thing you want to do is get up early (again) and style your hair. So you choose to go for a simple pony. What better way to dress it up than with this beautiful hair bow?! It goes with everything and adds that little bit of oompf to pull your pony from average to amazing. Whether you’re wearing sweatshirt and jeans (me) or a dress and heels (also me), it looks lovely with any style.


This bag is amazing for multiple reasons. The first is that it was free (kind of). Too Faced was having this promotion where if you spent over $35 you’d get this makeup bag and a little thing of their Better Than Sex mascara (an August and forever favorite). Usually, free promotional items are pretty lackluster, but this bag is actually a decent size and can fit a ton of travel makeup inside. PLUS the Mean Girls quote is everything.

There ya go! My top five faves of the month. Now onto October and fall (but for real – fall, you can stop by anytime now)!

What have you been loving this month?

September Favorites - Urban Decay, NYX, Benefit, Too Faced, and more!

4 thoughts on “September Favorites – 2017

    1. Thank you!! I did take the photos – trying hard to step my photography game up so the compliment is very appreciated. And the NYX lipstick is great! You’ll have to let me know if you pick some up 🙂

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