My seasonal mantle – summer

One of the things I love most about my home is the mantle above the fireplace, and being able to decorate it for each season is just icing on the cake. I have dragged along my poor SO to Michaels so many times to look at different decor that he has started asking if we are going there every time we leave the house. Stored away I have items for fall, winter, and spring but right now the theme is summer!

For these warmer months, I really wanted to stick to a pastel blue theme (to complement the blue undertones of our gray walls) and to just have a clean look to it. Later on in the year, I’ll add lights or garland but for this season I just wanted it to be very simple and uncluttered. Everything (aside from the owl which I expand on below) is from Micheals.


Starting on the left side, there’s this beautiful little frame that’s a blue gray color and is made to look like it has a patina finish to it. I ended up putting a small inspirational quote card in it that says “The story of us” with a tree in the background (this is literally the only item that my SO will allow that has such a cheesy/lovey dovey saying on it). I paired it with a small white candle holder in the shape of a rose to help fill it out.


The middle is the floral focal point. This entire mantle idea started around the big vase with the flower on it. As soon as I spotted it, I had to have it. I LOVED the color of the flower and knew that it would match perfectly with our living room. My SO helped me pick out the smaller vases next to it and then it was on to the flower aisle. Now I absolutely love the look of real flowers (who doesn’t) but I wanted something that was going to last the entire season, that I didn’t need to take care of, and that I didn’t have to worry about replacing. So we went with fake flowers.

Finding ones that complemented the vases while also adding a different pop of color was the goal, and eventually we settled on these pink, red, and white flowers.


This owl we leave on the mantle all year round. We actually ended up getting him from Gordmans one day – we had just moved in and had spent the day trying to find items to fill the house. Exasperated with my SO (love him to death but he was driving me cray) I picked up this small owl statue and asked, “what about this?”. He said he liked it and the rest was history. When we got home I stuck him up on the mantle and there he stays year round.

Updating the decor of your mantle when the seasons start to change is such an easy way to change up the entire feel of the room. Whether it’s changing the color scheme to match the leaves on the trees in fall or adding garland and lights during winter, there are so many different routes you can take. I absolutely cannot wait until the days start to get colder and I can switch everything out for fall!

What’s one of your favorite home decor stores?


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  1. I love Gordman’s but have also found great items at Home Goods,Target, Hobby Lobby, Kirklands and Joanne Fabrics is another amazing store. They are all good places to shop.

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