Refining my skin care routine

Recently I took a trip to my local Sephora to get some foundation samples and while the makeup consultant was working on matching colors, she noticed that my skin is as dry as the Sahara. Being the amazing woman that she was, she marched me over to the skin care area and I left the store with a ton of different samples to help add moisture back into my dehydrated skin. Last night I tried them out and thought it would be great to do a review on them. Please keep in mind that these are all first impressions.


1: PHILOSOPHY – The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash

I know that I literally just said that these reviews were all first impressions, but the Sephora skin care consultant mentioned this wash and I was pumped to say that I already own it and use it semi-regularly! One of the best things about this product is that the exfoliating beads in it are super fine so they do an amazing job scrubbing away any impurities. Plus this face wash is good for all skin types, so I don’t have to worry about times when my face might be a little oilier versus a little drier.

2. PHILOSOPHY – Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask

I’m not the biggest fan of clay masks, but this one worked wonders on my skin. Not only does it dry super quick (so you’re not waiting around forever with it on), but the results are immediately noticeable after one application. This mask also has micro beads in it so you get an added exfoliation bonus everytime you use it!

3. FRESH – Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

This hydrating cream feels so so so nice! It dries quickly and leaves your skin soft and refreshed, plus the rosewater gives it a pleasant scent. The only con is that the cream feels a little heavier on the skin than I would have liked. This could be because I didn’t realize how far a little bit goes (whoops), but personally I think it would be best to put the cream on before bed and let it do its thing while you sleep.

4. FIRST AID BEAUTY – Facial Radiance Pads

I had received a sample of these pads before (possibly in an Ipsy box) so they weren’t totally new to me but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy to receive a couple. They’re a perfect little wipe that can be used to help tone, brighten, and reduce redness in your skin. The directions say to use after cleansing your face and I find that right before my morning makeup application is a great time.

5. JOSIE MARAN – Bear Naked Wipes

Honestly, these wipes are pretty amazing. They are gentle enough that they leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth, tough enough they actually get the makeup off your face, safe to use around the eyes, biodegradable, AND have a wonderful citrus scent to them. PLUS a portion of every package sold goes towards protecting the Polar Bears! I honestly can’t rave about these wipes enough. 5 stars!

So here comes the big question – out of everything, would I actually get in my car, go to Sephora, and purchase any of these products? Heck yes I would. While I probably won’t pick up everything I sampled, the Josie Maran wipes and Philosophy exfoliating face wash are definitely going on the “to-get” list.

What’s one skin care item you can’t live without?

Keep your skin looking bright and healthy with these skin care products! #skincare #healthyskin #beauty

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