Mermaid makeup brush review

This year I decided to participate in the Secret Santa that Reddit hosts every year. For those of you who don’t know, Reddit is an online forum that basically has a thread for any and all topics. Every year they host a Secret Santa that anyone can sign up for.

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Since this was my first year, I was pretty skeptical. I know that a large percentage takes it really seriously and genuinely tries to find a gift they think their person would enjoy, but there’s always that little bit who just sign up for it and don’t bother getting their person anything. Thankfully my Secret Santa did an amazing job! They sent me a set of beautiful mermaid makeup brushes along with the cutest narwhal shaped mug.

For a quick overview, ten different eye and face makeup brushes come in a pack. They are made out of soft nylon bristles and are non-shedding and odor free. The mermaid design comes in a 3D colored handle that has greens, blues, pinks, and purples. And it’s all set off with a rose gold tube.

Brush Pros

  • These brushes come at a great price point. I know that this was a gift to me so I’m technically not supposed to know how much they cost, but I looked it up for the sake of this post. For the quality of the brushes and the beautiful design, this is an amazing price.
  • The bristles are all super soft. Nothing is worse than trying to do your eye makeup with a brush that feels like it’s attacking your skin. These work perfectly for that area of your face where the skin is a bit on the sensitive side.
  • Not only can you find gorgeous colors on the handles, but the vibrant pink at the end of the brush is beautiful. These are sure to stand out from the other brushes you own.
  • Along with the colors, you also have a 3D scale design that ends with a mermaid tail. This design helps elevates the brush and makes it the perfect addition to your vanity. Even if you chose not to use these brushes in your day to day makeup routine, they’ll look spectacular out on display.

Brush Cons

  • The brushes that are used for the face don’t pick up the product as well as the eye brushes. I’ve tried them all out on powder, blush, and bronzer and it seemed to take a lot more work to build the product compared to my other brushes.
  • While they are beautiful, there was definitely more of a focus on the look than the actual brush design. They get the job done but in terms of actual makeup application, they aren’t anything that special.
  • The smaller brushes are hard to clean and get looking like new again. Before I took the photos for this post I used all of these brushes to do a full makeup look. Of course I wanted them looking as nice as possible in their mini photo shoot, but the smaller angled brushes that I used for my liner are still looking a little dark even after cleaning.

By far the best part of these brushes is the design and the price point. If you’re looking for a gift for somebody who is just getting into makeup or you simply want an adorable addition to your makeup collection, this is perfect! The affordable price definitely makes this an amazing gift. Overall I’d give these brushes a thumbs up.

What’s one thing on your Christmas wishlist this year?

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6 thoughts on “Mermaid makeup brush review

  1. This is a great review! I have been looking for a new set of brushes and I don’t want to spend a small fortune, but I want them not just be a cheap brush that I end up replacing next month. The mermaid look alone draws me in! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. That’s a lovely secret Santa gift. I hope ‘your person’ get nice gifts too. On my list, this year is….to just be happy. there’s no cost to it, but that’s what I wish for. All the best of the season to you.

  3. They look absolutely beautiful. Too bad they’re not the best! It’s a good idea if you want a big set of brushes that don’t cost a fortune though. Still, personally, I’d probably want to spend a bit more just to make sure that the brushes will do a good job. Great review!

    Julia xx

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