Lush review – Scrubee and Skin’s Shangri La

Lush products have always been a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, the closest store to me is still hours away. So whenever I travel somewhere that has a Lush, I always make it a priority to stop in. On the list this trip – a really good moisturizer.

I know that some people aren’t big fans of being helped when they go into a store, but I always make sure to ask for help whenever I’m buying products for my skin. I figure they know a ton more than I do and will (hopefully) direct me towards the best product. While I tend to be pretty introverted, years of working in retail have somehow made me immune to awkward store encounters.

The wonderful woman who helped me directed me towards two different moisturizers. The first one, Skin Drink, is made of rose petal extract, avocado and aloe vera. While it felt amazing when put on, it had a weird smell that I knew would bother me. It seems like a lot of people who reviewed this product online also noticed the smell. So it’s good to know that I’m not crazy.

The salesperson next introduced me to Skin’s Shangri La. Consisting of aloe vera, jojoba oil, and something called Queen of Hungary water, this is a heavier moisturizer that is perfect for before bed or straight out of the shower application. Since using it, I’ve noticed a huge change in my skin. When first applied, it can leave you feeling a little oily and looking a little shiny. But as it absorbs and starts to dry, that goes away. While this product does have a larger price tag (especially compared to Skin Drink), a little goes a long way and a pot should last you a good amount of time.

After finding the moisturizer, I decided to browse a bit. I’m not a huge bath fan, so I thought that I would be safe looking at the other items. But somehow the Scrubee made its way into my basket.

The Scrubee is both a body conditioner as well as a skin exfoliator. It combines honey, cocoa, and shea butter to help soften your skin. And then mixes in stripes of ground almonds and coconut shell to exfoliate. I love using this while my hair conditioner is doing its thing. And as you can tell by the above photo, this product definitely gets a lot of use.

So far all of the products I’ve gotten from Lush have been big hits. While sometimes the number of employees working at one time can seem overwhelming, I’ve only talked with super friendly people who know their stuff. I highly recommend you stopping into a Lush on your next trip!

What’s your favorite Lush product?

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