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As somebody who isn’t a huge partier and doesn’t really enjoy staying up late (literally in bed by 10 every night), I’ve surprisingly spent my fair share of time in Las Vegas. My best friend used to live there, so I went out to visit her a couple of times. I’ve also had a couple of girl’s trips, and most recently flew out for my cousin’s wedding!

I’ve previously stayed at the Cosmopolitan (super nice but waaaay out of my budget this time) and Excaliber (on the cheaper side but in massive need of updating). But after doing some research my SO and I decided that we were going to stay at New York New York.

I would say that you can classify all the casino/resorts on the strip into three categories – cheap, moderate, and expensive. The cheaper hotels are ones that are really well priced but may be in need of some renovating. The moderate ones are a little more expensive but tend to have more going on in the actual resort itself and have been updated at a recent point. And the expensive ones are the ones that are new, super nice, and tend to have some sort of reputation. So I would say Excaliber would be in the cheap category, New York New York would be at the top of the moderate list, and the Cosmopolitan would be in the expensive category.

Note: Just because a hotel is in the cheap category does not mean that it isn’t going to be nice. Just like a hotel in the expensive category doesn’t mean it’s going to be mindblowing amazing.

When you first walk into New York New York, you’re instantly in awe of the decor. Separated into two areas, you have the casino side and then you have a side that they built to look like New York City. Filled with restaurants, food stands, and structures made to look like apartments, this was one of my favorite areas.

Speaking of food, there were so so so many options. Whether you wanted to grab a quick bite or have a sit-down meal, they had you covered. Our plane got in a little late, pair that with the time change and all I wanted to do was get some food and go to bed. So my SO grabbed a slice of pizza from the cutest pizza stand and we were set. While we were there, we also grabbed some bagels and coffee for breakfast one morning, had a sit-down breakfast the next morning, and ate some delicious Mexican food that night.

Beyond the places to get food inside the hotel, there were also a ton of places connected to the hotel. Everyone’s favorite Shake Shack is located there, along with a wonderful Beerhaus and Hershey’s Chocolate World!

When it comes to the room itself, it wasn’t horrible but I wouldn’t say it was anything special. The beds were comfy but the room could definitely do with a little bit of updating. There were a couple of oversized furniture pieces that looked a little worn and made the room feel smaller. Also, for some reason, hotel designers in Vegas don’t really feel the need to add soundproofing to the bathroom. It seems like every place I stay you can hear exactly what somebody is doing in the restroom. Thankfully I was with my SO and we’re kind of past that stage, but it could potentially get awkward.

Along with the room, we didn’t really have a view. Our room was on the backside of the hotel so our view was a parking garage and some random buildings. But, we were able to see the roller coaster that winds around the outside of the hotel. Our spot was right at their first drop, so it was fun watching everyone when they came over the top.

The hotel’s location is more towards the south end of the strip. I didn’t really mind this because I like walking, but others might want to stay in a more central place. I will say that my favorite day of the trip was when my SO and I ubered up to the Fashion Show Mall (north end of the Vegas strip) and just kind of slowly walked back down to New York New York, stopping in different casinos and taking in the sights.

Overall I would definitely recommend staying in New York New York. The ambiance and convenience offered there is top notch and while there are a couple of small things I would change, it’s not anywhere close to turning me away.

4/5 stars!

Have you been to Las Vegas before? Where did you stay?

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