Keeping cool at work

So remember the other day how I wrote this blog post all about keeping warm at work. I believe I even described my work as the “Arctic tundra”. Well that, my friends, has quickly become a thing of the past. Mere days after posting I apparently cursed the office and the air conditioner that supplies cool air to my part of the building full on broke. So I looked to my closet to help keep me cool, yet still professional, while I waited for the new air conditioner to arrive.

What’s the secret to surviving the heat? Fans! Lots of fans! But more importantly, layers! Usually, the mornings are a bit cooler than the afternoons (before our computers have been running all day) so I went ahead and paired my tank top with a white pull over cardigan. Perfect for the mornings and then I can take it off in the afternoons when I start to get a little too hot.

I got this tank top from Torrid earlier this summer and while I love the floral design that makes up the front of the tank, what really sold me was the back. Unlike the front, the black is just a solid black but the designers added a little keyhole that joins together at the top with a cute button embellishment.


Another HUGE plus is that the tank top isn’t see through. All too often I find that I end up having to wear some sort of cami under my top to keep things covered. Which totally defeats the purpose of wearing the tank top to keep cool in the first place.

As for the bottoms, I just pair it with a pair of simple black jeans (cuffed – obvs) and some black sandals. Super easy to throw on in the morning and head out the door!

What does your favorite summertime work outfit look like? Tell me in the comments below!


Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Top: Torrid

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