Ipsy September glam bag review

Last week I rushed home from work, checked my mailbox, and saw the beautiful pink envelope that meant my Ipsy subscription had arrived! Filled with a new makeup bag and 5 new beauty products to try, I immediately opened it to see what surprises awaited for me.

To start, the bag design this month is a plain black, faux leather bag that has a spiked look on both sides. Simple yet sophisticated, I feel like somebody could take this out with them as a small clutch and people wouldn’t realize it was designed to hold makeup.

The products I got this month (pictured above) are:

  • Pixi by PetraBeauty blush duo in Peach Honey
  • Elizabeth MottPop! Goes The Shadow in Toasted
  • SkinfoodBlack sugar mask
  • Colourpop CosmeticsBrow Boss in Light Brown
  • Luxie BeautyLuxie rose gold medium angled shading eye brush 207

I’ve never heard of Pixi by Petra before, but this blush is as beautiful in the packaging as it is on the face. The warm peachy color adds the right amount of pigment to your cheeks and the brighter honey color is used to lighten and add subtle shimmer. Perfect for those colder months when you want to add a simple glow.

When I saw this shadow in the packaging, I was super excited. The metallic bronze coloring is right up my alley. Unfortunately, that color didn’t translate at all when it was put on the lid. I felt like I was adding, and adding, and adding, and you could barely see it! And what you could see just read as dull. I wanted to like this, I really did, but it just wasn’t working.

It was really exciting to see this Skinfood mask because I’ve been having fun testing different skin care products and am always on the lookout for something new. It did have a few interesting quirks though. First is that the product in the little container is really hard. You have to kind of scoop it out with your fingers and work it with your hands a bit before being able to actually apply it (but it feels so nice when put on!). The second quirk is that I would describe this more of a scrub than a mask. It’s not something you’d put on and leave on to dry. Consisting of black sugar, shea butter, and macadamia oil, this washes away all impurities while leaving your skin feeling so so soft.  Added bonus – the fresh citrus scent that accompanies the product!

Colourpop is an amazing brand, and I love brow shaping tools so I was pumped to see this in the bag. I have really uneven, thin brows so I’m always on the lookout for something new that might step my brow game up. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be added to the list. If you have brows that just need a little filling in, this would work perfectly for you. But as somebody who needs something a bit heftier, I think I’ll just stick to my usual routine. Still love the brand though and it comes with a spoolie brush on one end.

Last but certainly not least, makeup brushes are the best and Luxie Beauty makes some amazing ones. I was lucky enough to receive a Luxie Beauty brush in my bag a couple of months ago, so seeing this was just the cherry on top of an already amazing bag. The angled shape helps it beautifully blend any eyeshadow and feels so soft on your lid. A+

September Ipsy glam bag beauty review

11 thoughts on “Ipsy September glam bag review

    1. It’s so nice! I’m love the way it leaves my skin feeling, and I’m def going to have to check out other Skinfood products! Any that you recommend?

    1. It’s so nice! I know that some of the reviews said that it was a little too light and that it could also be used as a highlighter, but my skin is pretty pale so it ended up working just fine as a blush for me 🙂

  1. OOOOHHH! I love this. I have been thinking of getting Ipsy for awhile now and this post just makes me want to subscribe. I’m just worried that some of the skin products might cause my ultra sensitive skin issues. Do you have any issues?

    1. Oh! You should def subscribe. Part of the reason why I love it so much is because you get a different makeup bag ever month, along with the products. I haven’t had any issues yet with sensitivity. If I remember correctly, when you sign up you fill out a little profile and say what kind of skin type you have (sensitive, dry, oily, etc).

      If you do sign up, you should use my referral link!

    1. Some of the products are little testers (like you see above with the eyeshadow) but others are full size products (the blush and the brow pencil for example) so it really just kind of depends on the company and product type. Usually what I do is if I get something that I know I won’t really use, I set it aside and after a couple of months I’ll put everything in a bag and let my friends choose what they want from it. But I think it’s a great way to try out products you might not get normally for a much smaller amount than what you would spend in store.

      I was debating between Birchbox and Ipsy and one of the things I loved about Ipsy is the different makeup bag you get each month. They’re great to give as gifts or to help organize your beauty/hair products!

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