Ipsy August glam bag review

Getting an Ipsy subscription has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. For only $10/month, I get a package that has 5 different beauty products in it PLUS a super cute bag that has a unique design every month (this isn’t sponsored but haaaay Ipsy – hit me up).

Overall I really like the bag that I got this month (last month was pretty meh). It was one of three different options they created for August and personally I feel like this one suits me the best. The others were different colors (but a similar ombre scheme) and had “Wild & Free” and “Peace, Love, Lipstick” written on them. Cute but not really my style.

The products I got this month (pictured above) are:

  • theBalm CosmeticstheBalm Voyage Vol. 2 eyeshadow in Kuwakaribisha
  • Pacifica – Coconut blush duo in Beaming and Tenderheart
  • Naked Cosmetics – HD finishing translucent powder
  • Air Repair Skincare – Super-hydrating eye cream
  • Yadah – Silky fit concealer BB power brightening in Light Beige

This is the first eyeshadow I’ve ever used from theBalm and so far I really like it – the shadow transferred to the brush/my lid pretty well and it blends nicely. It is a bright color (see a swatch below) so it works perfectly as a highlighter!

This Pacifica blush is amazing! There’s actual coconut as an ingredient so it feels so smooth going on and leaves your skin glowing. The colors are SUPER pigmented which means I barely have to put any on for it to show up. There are two colors – a terracotta one and a mauve one (swatched below). While I enjoy Beaming (the terracotta one) I definitely lean more towards Tenderheart when I pull this out.

Secret time – When I first opened this powder by Naked Cosmetics, I may or may not have spilled it everywhere. Beyond that, this is just your typical finishing powder. It does the job but isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I did need some though, so I was pretty happy to see this in the bag.

Gonna be 100% honest here – I haven’t tried the Air Repair Skincare eye cream so I’m not going to review that for obvious reasons. I’m just not an eye cream kind of gal (I know 30 years down the line I’m going to regret typing that). MOVING ON!

Last but not least we come to my favorite product I received which is the Yadah concealer. Most of the time when it comes to my face I throw on concealer and powder, not really bothering with foundation. This concealer not only goes on super light weight but I get the coverage I need to help cover the dark circles under my eyes. And the color matches my skin perfectly! #winwin

ipsy august swatches

So there you have it, my August Ipsy review. If you have any questions about the product or about Ipsy as a service, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer!

What’s a favorite makeup product you’ve been using lately?

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  1. I love the thought of subscription boxes, and this one looks great. They are a great way of introducing you to new brands etc I think. I wish we got Ipsy over here x

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