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You know that joke about going to Target for batteries and leaving with a cart full of items? That’s literally my life. I love going there. And I love trying new things. So when I was browsing a Buzzfeed article about new beauty products available at Target (it was a very specific list), I made sure to take note of anything that caught my eye. One of the items was a semi-permanent hair dye by L’Oréal Paris called Colorista. Offered in a bunch of unique colors, this hair color is advertised to dye your hair but be completely gone in four to ten washes. The best part? It’s only $10!

That same day I found myself in the Target beauty department staring at boxes of color. After debating internally between pink, purple, indigo, blue, and green, I ultimately settled for hot pink. They also offered a softer pink but I figured eventually the more intense shade would fade into that lighter color. Might as well go bold to begin with and get more bang for my buck.

The application process is like how you would apply any hair dye. You put it on, wait a bit, and rinse it out. Voila! Colored hair! While you can go out and do your entire head, I decided to try my hand at a more ombre look. I personally recommend having a bit of help unless you do this often. I just had myself and there was definitely an awkward area in the back of my head that didn’t get as much color. The good news is that this did wash out as advertised, so if you totally mess up it’s not a long-term problem.

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When I first tried this product it was still relatively new and didn’t have a ton of reviews. After taking a look online now, it seems like the consensus is that the pink colors work like they should but the darker colors remain in your hair for a lot longer. I currently only have experience with the pink shade and was very happy with the results. If you’re going to try out any other shades, please do a strand test first.

The other con to this product is that it’s very dependant on your current hair color. The majority of colors are made for and work best on lighter hair. Unfortunately, this is an issue for a lot of hair color out there. According to their website, L’Oréal does offer shades dedicated specifically for brunettes who do not want to bleach their hair. If you try this, please let me know how it works out!

Overall I really enjoyed my time with pink hair. I’ve always wanted to do a color that was a bit more on the wilder side but I definitely wasn’t ready for the commitment. It’s perfect for costumes, parties, or just having a bit of fun without worrying about totally changing your look.

Would you try this hair color?

Looking to shake up your hair color without worrying about it lasting forever? Take a look at my L'Oréal Paris Colorista review! #hairtips #haircare #hairstyle #haircolor #beautyreview

8 thoughts on “Hair color without the commitment

    1. You should be good with the pink color – it washed out of my hair totally fine. From what I’ve read, the blues are the ones that have been giving people trouble.

  1. I am glad you talked about that it matters what color your hair is to start with; that’s my problem with almost all temporary color. Even when I have bleached my hair, the color from temporary color doesn’t show up. I use Splat kits. Thanks for sharing the pros and the cons.

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