Fitness spotlight – Cardio dance

For the past couple of years, I’ve been shaking my thang every Tuesday and Thursday at the cardio dance classes that my gym offers. At this stage of the game I’m excited when heading to the gym, but before I took that first class I was a bundle of nerves. In fact, I was so nervous that I remember scouring the internet for any information when it came to Zumba or cardio dance. However, now that I’m a seasoned vet I’ve picked up some tips that I’d like to share with anyone looking to join a group fitness class.

  • Everyone has a first day. It’s going to seem like you’re the only one that doesn’t know the choreography but I promise that’s only because everyone else has been coming to class for awhile now. The instructors have a regular rotation of songs and similar choreography they use, so the more you go the quicker you’ll pick up on it.
  • It’s okay to be tired. I remember huffing and puffing after the first couple of songs that I did. But over time it gets easier. I can do more – I can squat lower, I can jump higher, I can dance longer. Don’t get me wrong, I still get tired and sweaty but I feel good knowing that my body is getting stronger.
  • Nobody is judging you. This fear is a large reason why people end up not going to the gym or don’t come back for that second class. But I can assure you that everyone is so focused on what they’re doing and on their form that they won’t even give you a second glance.
  • Your instructor is on your side. They want you to not only get a good workout in, but they want you to have fun. If you’re really nervous, head there a little early and introduce yourself. They’ll be able to help put any fears you have to rest and answer any questions you might have. And remember, as long as you keep moving during class, they’ll be happy.
  • Don’t give up. There are going to be times you don’t want to go. Times when you’d rather head home and lay down on your couch under a blanket. I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still there. But you just have to keep going and keep pushing. You’ll thank me later!

Have you ever taken a group fitness class? What’s one of your favorite things to do at the gym? Comment below!



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