My first post

Made obvious by the title, you’ll find that this is my very first post! I bet you’re wondering what you should expect to find from this blog. Well a couple of things:

  • Reviews – I want to review beauty products I’m trying, books I’m reading, and gadgets I’m using.
  • Fashion – Outfit of the days, date nights, special events, work wear, lounge wear – see what makes me feel beautiful.
  • Recipes – From meal prep to dinner recipes, come with me as I try and find the balance between delicious and healthy.
  • Fitness – Posts about being active, losing weight (30 pounds until my goal weight!), and the difficult journey it is when you’re changing the relationship you have with food.

Overall you’ll find that this is a lifestyle blog. I want to document my journey through life and through my 27th year to the best of my abilities. Expect to see one new post a week from me and please feel free to leave comments about what you want to see!

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