Too Faced beauty product review

Recently Too Faced was holding a promotion where if you spent over $35 on their products, you would receive a super cute makeup bag and a sample of their Better Than Sex mascara for free. If that isn’t the best excuse to buying some new makeup than I don’t know what is! So I grabbed my purse, headed to Ulta, and picked up the new I Want Kandee Candy Glow luminizer and their Born This Way concealer.

Candy Glow

Ever since Kandee Johnson and Too Faced released their collaborative line “I Want Kandee”, I knew that I had to get my hands on the Candy Glow luminizer. I’ve read reviews and watched videos, and let me say that it looks as amazing on the face as it does in the packaging. When they say this product glows, they mean it really glows. The pigmentation is extreme! But it blends so beautifully and adds that perfect dewy highlight to your skin. Plus it smells so good you’ll want to eat it!

Word of advice – because it does have such an intense color and shimmer make sure you have a light touch when putting it on. The first time I used it I just swept the product straight from the package onto my face and lemme tell you, that was a mistake. Now I’ll either put it on with a clean finger or I’ll use a tiny beauty blender. It works wonders and I’m able to build the highlighter if I need more. Remember, it’s easy to add product but a lot more difficult to try and take some away!


Born This Way

While this might seem like a normal concealer at first glance, it does have a couple of benefits that help it stand out from the crowd. It’s lightweight, it blends super well, and it lasts throughout the day. Pretty normal when it comes to concealers. But what really sets it apart from the crowd is that it’s oil-free! Instead Too Faced has infused it with coconut water to help give it some extra moisture. This helps it live up to its name and really makes you look like you were “born this way”.

Because of this, the concealer is a bit on the thinner side. While this doesn’t affect the amount needed to work, it does mess with the application process. The thinness of the product makes it really easy to accidentally apply a lot more than wanted. So be aware the first time you use it (I found this out the hard way). Like the highlighter, it’s always easier to add more.

After everything is said and done, I would definitely recommend both of these products. The highlighter is a real treat and the concealer does everything you need – and it does it flawlessly. The best part is that you need so little of these products for them to work that they should last a good long time.

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A review of Too Faced's new I Want Kandee highlighter and their Born This Way concealer

6 thoughts on “Too Faced beauty product review

  1. I have not tried these products yet but I do look forward to doing so since you gave a good honest review about them. I love anything dealing with makeup.

    1. Let me know if you give them a try – I love hearing what other people think 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’m stoked to was a kandee review! Gutted I missed out on her banana face powder. I don’t wear highlighter often but hopefully the range will be refreshed so I can get my hands on some. Thanks for the review xo

    1. The banana powder looked so beautiful! I’m trying to broaden my makeup collection and step away from the eyeshadows (what I usually get) and I was so so tempted to pick that up. I know the highlighters sold out super fast so hopefully they’ll come out with more!

  3. OH I want to try Better than Sex mascara. Is that as amazing as everyone says it is. I want to try it but it’s expensive fr something that may not be very good.
    I like the sound of the Born this Way concealer. I’m currently trying to find a good replacement. Great post

    1. Personally, it’s my favorite mascara! I know that they sell different sizes (travel size vs full size) so maybe you can pick up a travel size to try it out? That way you’re not fully committing yourself to an entire thing and hopefully it would be cheaper.

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