What to expect at a murder mystery dinner party

While I love date night, it can get a little repetitive over time. It’s easy to fall back on the same ideas over and over – you get stuck in a rut! Unfortunately, this was happening with my SO and I. But a couple of weeks ago, I saw a local winery advertise an Alfred Hitchcock themed murder mystery dinner party. Instantly I knew that we had to go!

Day of, my SO and I met at the winery after we got off work. I had quickly changed into this amazing fall dress that I am obsessed with, and he looked great in a simple button up and black pants. We might have been some of the more dressed up people in the room, but I didn’t mind.


I don’t want to go into too much detail about what happened (got to leave some of the mystery intact) but I do want to give you a brief idea of what to look forward to if you go to one. Keep in mind that this was just my experience and your time could be different.

  • Get ready to meet new people. Unless you have a big group going, you’re going to end up at a table with a few others that you don’t know. I’m pretty shy so I was lucky to have my SO there who’s a lot more outgoing. He made sure to handle the small talk and I was able to relax and listen.
  • Look forward to a ton of delicious food. Over the course of 3 hours, we had 3 amazing courses. Highlights include a meat and cheese plate, honey and rosemary chicken, and a chocolate torte to wrap everything up. I was so full by the end of it!
  • Prepare yourself for the downtime. The event started with one of the actors going around in character and assigning small parts to a person at each table. This took maybe 30 – 45 minutes. Followed by about 15 minutes of acting. Dinner time – this was at least 60 minutes. Another 15 minutes of acting. Dessert! 30 minutes. And then a final 15 minutes for the reveal. Out of the 3 hours we were there, I’d say 2 of them were spent eating or waiting for the show to start again. Not super ideal but if you were with friends I don’t think you’d mind.
  • It’s never who you think it’s going to be. At the end of the night, we were able to write down our guesses on a slip of paper. If we figured out who the murderer was, we got a free bottle of wine! Out of the 150+ people that were there, one person guessed correctly. Don’t be fooled by their obvious clues! Always pick the person who seems the most innocent.
  • Enjoy the time you get to spend with your partner. Confession, I was on the tail end of a horrible cold during this and by the end of it, I was exhausted. But I was happy. You know why? I got to spend 3 hours, unplugged, at a delicious dinner with my guy. We got to just chat and not worry about cooking dinner or getting things around for the next day. It was by far my favorite part of the night.
The view from the winery

What’s your favorite date night activity?

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24 thoughts on “What to expect at a murder mystery dinner party

  1. That sounds like such a fun date night!! I always see Groupons for Murder Mystery dinners around here but I’ve be hesitant to try one. I think I might have to go ahead and purchase one for our next date night!

    1. I’m always looking for new ideas! Things can get so repetitive throughout the week that it’s nice having something to look forward to 🙂

    1. Oh for sure! Like I said in the post, I was getting over a cold so by the end of it I was ready to go home and go to bed but looking back at it, I did enjoy myself. They have a lot based on different themes so if I saw one that I liked I’d def get tickets.

  2. Iv always wanted to do one of these murder mystery dinners. You can get a kit to use for a dinner party at home with friends, that appeals to me too! Glad you enjoyed your date night with a difference x

    1. I think it’d be really interesting to do one from a kit! If you get one, you’ll have to let me know how you liked it 🙂

  3. Such a great idea! When you are dating someone for a long time it is so easy to get stuck doing the same thing! This is a great way to shake things up!

  4. Wow. I’ve heard about murder mystery dinner parties but never from someone who was actually there. It sounds really great, it would be best to be there with friends, but I think it is still one of those things you will remember.

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