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Every once in awhile my SO and I decide to get all dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant for date night. Our crazy hectic summer has finally started to slow down a bit and we decided that Saturday would be a perfect night for dinner followed by drinks and dessert!

Lately I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone a bit more when it comes to what I wear (thanks in large part to this blog) so I decided on a dress that I had purchased last winter from Vanity but had yet to work up the courage to wear. It’s just been sitting in my closet staring at me, so I decided it was time. I’ll admit that I almost threw on an old favorite at the last second, but boy am I glad that I went with this one!


As you can see, this particular dress is super flowy which makes it extremely comfortable. Plus it’s also a little longer than your typical summer dress (which just adds to the comfiness). While I love summer dresses, they tend to be a little on the shorter side for me. Fine for when I’m standing but the second I sit it’s like HELLO. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that with this dress.

When you get close up, the actual print of the dress is beautiful! It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make the dress look too busy (especially with the print at the bottom), but it also helps to break up the monotony of the black and make it stand out a bit more than your average black dress.


One of my favorite parts is the larger print found at the bottom of the dress. The main focal point is a beautiful red, white, and black flower design. It’s surrounded by smaller mint green flowers that help complement it and tie in the print found on the rest of the dress. We all know that red and black go together but I think the green is a lovely addition that helps brighten the dress up.


I paired the dress with a pair of simple black tights that I had purchased from Target (found in their hosiery section) and a pair of old Guess ankle boots that I had in my closet. I would include a photo of them but they’re really old and kind of dirty so sorry guys, you’ll have to live without. You can kind of see them above – they’re black with a chunky heel and a zipper design on the side. Nothing too fancy.

Overall I’m super happy that I pushed myself and wore this dress. I ended up feeling amazing in it all night and I’ll definitely have to wear this one again!

What’s an outfit of yours that makes you feel beautiful?

This dress is not only super comfortable but also looks amazing on any body type! #datenight #dress #fashion #style


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