August Favorites – 2017

I know everyone starts out these posts the same way, but seriously guys, August has flown by. Maybe it’s because my regular 8-5 has been super stressful and busy or because I have a regular blogging schedule now, but it’s hard to believe that tomorrow is September. It’s definitely time to leave this month behind though, and what better way to say goodbye then with a list of my August favorites!

Quick list:


I’ve mentioned these boots before in a previous post but I adore them now even more then the first day I got them. Not only are they amazingly comfortable and super easy to walk in, they also transition from day to night swimmingly. As an added bonus, their neutral color means they basically go with everything. I am loving finding new outfits to pair them with!


When it comes to mascara, I am very very picky. I hate the feeling of clumpy and heavy lashes and find that far too often you have to add a ton of layers just to get the look you want. Thankfully that’s not the case with this one! I literally can apply one layer and instantly my lashes look longer and fuller. The best part? I’m not having to spend time afterwards trying to get clumps out! Trust me on this, if you haven’t tried this product go get some now. You won’t regret it.


I was at Gordmans recently looking for items to decorate my desk with and I stumbled across this adorably perfect wooden box sign. Not only do the gray and millennial pink colors match other items I have, but the saying is an amazing inspiration for when I’m working on growing my blog.


While I do use conditioner in the shower, I feel like your hair can never have enough nourishment. To help protect and keep my hair soft, I use this John Frieda leave-in conditioner before I blow dry and style for the day. It does double duty of adding moisture to my hair along with keeping it smooth and frizz free! While a favorite all year long, this is especially needed once those winter months come along.


There are two major reasons I’m not the biggest fan of ponytails. The first is that I tend to get headaches after having my hair up for a couple of hours and the second is that once I take my hair tie out, I have a huge bump in my hair that won’t go away (which basically means it’s ponytail or bust at that moment). Lucky for me, this magical hair tie came to the rescue and managed to fix both of those issues! The coiled design helps keep my hair up without the tightness that other hair ties need to stay in.

Voila – five items I’ve been loving this August! I cannot wait to see what September brings!

What have been some of your favorite?


7 thoughts on “August Favorites – 2017

    1. Thank you! I’m 100% totally on board with grey and millennial pink being mashed together 🙂 It’s one of my favorite color combos!

  1. I love John Frieda products so much, they always smell so amazing too which is a major plus! I’ve never tried that mascara, maybe I should give it a go! Great post gorgeous! x

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