5 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for her

When January 1st rolled around, one of my personal resolutions was to create and follow a budget. Because of that, I’ve been stuck strictly window shopping (lame – I know). Maybe it’s shopping withdrawal, but I had so much fun looking at items online for my Valentine’s Day gifts for him post. So obviously I had to take a look and see what’s out there for the ladies! And I found five of the cutest items that all can be picked up at Target. These items are perfect for girlfriends, wives, or (as always) treat yo self!

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While my SO is more of a beer guy, I’m definitely a wine type of girl. So when I saw this wine decanter, I knew that I had to put it on the list. Decanting wine is the process of adding oxygen to the wine. This helps strengthen all of the aromas and flavors. Plus you feel fancy af doing it. I guarantee she’ll love this simple decanter and these 4 adorable stemless wine glasses. Make sure you grab her favorite bottle of wine to go along with it!

There’s something you guys don’t know about me, and that’s my addiction to mugs. I have an entire shelf dedicated to the mug collection my SO and I have amassed and sometimes it still doesn’t seem like enough space. But when you see cute mugs like these, how can you say no? This is the perfect thing for your dog loving valentine and will be sure to make her smile. Another benefit – these are dishwasher safe!

A more personal gift that she’ll love getting is a frame with a favorite photo in it. This frame is gorgeous and sentimental without too much of the cheese factor. It’s the ideal finishing touch to her home or office decor. While you’re picking this up, take advantage of Target’s photo center and make sure you print off something to put in the frame. Trust me on this.

So this gift takes a bit more work – the thought process is that you get this tray and then surprise your SO with breakfast in bed! I’m thinking some fresh flowers, coffee, maybe a pastry or two, some fresh fruit, and a card with a romantic message inside. It’s a simple way to make your lucky lady feel like a queen. And you know what goes amazingly with this tray? The mugs that I mentioned above! Full circle, man!

What kind of Valentine’s Day gift guide would it be if I didn’t put chocolate on it? Merci not only makes delectable chocolates, but each piece is already portioned out into a little stick (you’ll find seven different flavors in the box). This is perfect for women who might be trying to eat a little healthier. Now they don’t have to worry about consuming a ton of calories while still being able to enjoy their Valentine’s treat. It’ll show that you wanted to get them something special but you also respect their weight loss journey.

Whether you end up picking something off this list or these items give you an idea for something else, the important thing to remember is that your Valentine’s Day gifts are heartfelt. As long as it has that personal touch, it doesn’t matter where it comes from or what it costs. All that matters is that it’s special because it’s coming from you!

What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts?

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