5 holiday movies you should watch in December

December has been flying by and with all the craziness that comes with finding gifts for your family, fitting in dinners with your friends, and getting everything checked off your to-do list, it can be hard getting into the true holiday spirit. Thankfully there’s a simple cure for that! All you need to do is snuggle up under a blanket and turn on one of your favorite holiday movies. Throw in some cookies and a mug of hot chocolate (maybe with a little extra something something) and you’re all set.

After doing my winter tag, I started thinking about my favorite holiday films. And while the list of holiday movies out there seems like it’s never-ending, there are 5 that I try and watch every year. Sure they might not be the oldest movies, but they never fail to make me laugh and get me ready for Christmas!

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The Holiday: I know that when it comes to people’s holiday rom-com of choice, most of them are going to pick Love Actually. But for me, it’s always been about The Holiday. In the film you see two strangers flying across the Atlantic and swapping homes to try and escape heartbreak. With an all-star cast (Kate Winslet, I’m looking at you) and interesting premise, this movie will soon become one of your favorite modern Christmas classics.

Home Alone: This film, without fail, will make me laugh every time. I don’t know why, but there’s something about seeing Harry and Marv get hit with paint cans that will never not be funny. You also get classic scenes such as Marv stepping on a bunch of legos, Marv stepping on a nail, Marv getting smushed by a bookshelf full of paint cans. Poor Marv. But entertaining for us!

A Christmas Story: Whenever I think of Christmas, I think of a Christmas Story. Sure, it could be because it has the word Christmas in it. But really it’s because every year they put a 24-hour marathon of it on tv. From 7 pm Christmas Eve to 7 pm Christmas Day, this film is on repeat. Hanging out with your family and not sure what to put on the TV? Boom. Decision made. This is a story that both kids and adults can enjoy. And since I can never sleep on Christmas Eve because I’m too excited, I always know there’s something on to watch.

Elf: Like you think I’d have a top 5 list without Elf on it. Just in case you’re one of the few people that haven’t seen this film, it’s about an orphan baby that crawls into Santa’s bag and is taken to the North Pole. Fast forward 40 years and Buddy learns that he’s not really an elf. He’s a human! So he decides to travel to New York City and find his biological dad. Not only is this movie hilarious, but it’s chock full of quotable lines. “Bye Buddy. I hope you find your dad!”

The Santa Clause: This will always have a special place in my heart. I remember watching this as a kid and honestly, I still love it as an adult. While it does have a couple of sequels, the original will always be my favorite. It answers the question of what you would do if you suddenly became Santa Claus. Also, love the wordplay: Claus vs Clause. Good job film creators.

Everything is so quick to get chaotic during this month but it’s important to be able to take time for yourself and recharge. So spend a couple of hours this weekend to watch one of the movies on this list. Whether you’ve seen them before or it’s your first time watching them, I guarantee they’ll get you in the holiday spirit and feeling ready to take on the rest of the season!

What tops your list of holiday movies?

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16 thoughts on “5 holiday movies you should watch in December

  1. These all top my Christmas movie list, as well!! I watch a Christmas movie almost every night — it’s the only time of year where I sit down to relax nearly every evening. 🙂

  2. These are great suggestions and I have seen them all! The fun thing about Christmas movies is that we can watch them again and again.

  3. I’ve already watch all of these this season and will probably watch them again. I would add It’s a Wonderful Life. I watch it on Christmas Eve every year while getting the last of the presents wrapped.

  4. We always have the Home alone 1 and 2 on TV at this time and for me it seems that there really isn’t christmns if i dont see them,

  5. We just introduced the kids to Home Alone 1 and 2. They loved them. I have to admit though, I’ve never seen A Christmas Story…

  6. I watched the Holiday this weekend too! It sounds like a lot of people did actually! I do love Elf. 🙂

    My family tradition is to watch Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve!

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