5 beauty items to add to your favorites list

Besides the crazy temperature changes (really Mother Nature), October has been an amazing month. And with Halloween right around the corner, November is in my sights. But before we get to the 1st, I want to fill you guys in on 5 favorite items that I have been loving this month. Items that I know you’ll love too!

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Quick list:

Target Metal Leaf Recipe Box

Am I the only one that finds recipe boxes to be amazingly cute? Sure you can use them for recipes OR you can use them to keep all of your different lipsticks in (*cough*me*cough*). Either way, these boxes make for the best storage. I found this one in the Target dollar section (you know the one – that seasonal area when you first walk in the door), but lately I’ve been seeing them all over the place.

H&M Halloween Skeleton Sweater

So if you’re anything like me, trying to find a costume for Halloween can be kind of stressful. I don’t know why, but my biggest fear is that all night people will ask me who I am. Thankfully H&M has come to our rescue! Pair this skeleton sweatshirt with some black jeans, black boots, and skeleton face makeup and you’ll be set. Best part? It only costs $10. Second best part? It glows in the dark! You can bet I’m going to be wearing this no matter what month it is.

Tarte Travel Palette and Clinique Tinted Lip Moisturizer

Unfortunately, with winter comes chapped lips. And while I love matte lipsticks, it seems like a lot of the time they only add to the dryness. That’s where this Clinique lip colour balm helps! It manages to give you the lip color you want while helping prevent your lips from looking dry and cracked. If the price tag is a bit much, pick up your FREE list of 33 drugstore dupes. There’s definitely an item on there for this.

The holiday season is coming and that means a lot of traveling. I mean, October isn’t even part of the holiday season and I’ve already been hitting the road a ton. The number one thing is trying to pack light and this is the perfect eyeshadow for that. On one hand, it gives you the versatility you need in a palette. On the other hand, it manages to give you that without the bulk. You’ll easily fit this in your makeup bag!

Nordstrom Black Purse Gold Detail

Last but certainly not least is this fabulous purse. You guys, I feel so mature and professional in this purse. I love it. It has the timelessness that comes with a simple black bag, but the gold detail on the front and on the strap helps modernize it. If you do not have a black bag, please go out and get one. It goes with everything and will elevate any outfit.

What’s one of your favorite things this month?

Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about it!

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12 thoughts on “5 beauty items to add to your favorites list

  1. Oh my gosh! I love the skeleton shirt, and the fact that it glows in the dark makes it that much better! I would totally wear it! And I love how simple and cute the purse is…just my style! I would have to say my favorite things this month would have to be starting to wear pullovers again!

    1. They make such cute little storage boxes. You could totally use them for recipes, but they’re also perfect for makeup, hair accessories, nail polish, etc.

    1. I’ve never tried Clinique Chubby Sticks until recently and now I’m obsessed! I’ve been looking online at some of the darker colors for fall and winter!

    1. The skeleton sweater is my favorite! When it comes to Halloween, I’m all about comfort and ease and this fits both of those 😉

    1. My purses get so messy whenever I have a larger bag (I just end up throwing everything in them) so I always try to look for the smaller ones! Just to help keep myself sane 😉

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