5 amazing Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Maybe it’s because I’m trying to hold onto Christmas for as long as possible, but somehow Valentine’s Day always manages to sneak up on me. I swear it’s January 1st, I blink, and suddenly it’s February 13th. And I’m left rushing around trying to find the perfect gift for my SO. Well, not this year! This year I’m dedicating an entire post to 5 amazing gifts that your guy would love. So this way if (read: when) February 13th comes around and surprises me again, I don’t even have to break a sweat!

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My SO loves making his own beer, so of course I’d have to put a beer making kit on here. The perfect thing for beginners, this kit will help your guy learn how easy it is to make beer at home. I guarantee that after he tastes how delicious this IPA is, he’ll want to open his own brewery. The best part about this gift is that it’s something he can do with his friends. Have him invite his buddies over for the afternoon and kick them out to the garage. They’ll have fun creating their brew and you’ll have fun spending the afternoon relaxing.

Want to make things a bit easier for your SO? Give him a custom pint glass! I love this one for the Game of Thrones quote, but there are so many out there. From his favorite sports teams to other drinking-related quotes, you’ll be able to find the perfect glass for him. Help round out your gift by also getting him a six-pack of his favorite beer! Or you can do as I do and just let him pick out the beer himself. This way he gets exactly what he wants and I don’t have to try and act like I know about beer flavors.

Is your guy not a huge drinker? No problem! Think about getting him a new wallet. If your SO is anything like mine, his wallet definitely needs replacing (I swear, the wallet can be 90% tape and it’s still “usable”). I love the vintage brown color of this wallet. Plus it not only has enough space to hold all of his important items, but it also utilizes RFID technology to help block any RFID signals. This will make sure all of his cards and information stays safe!

Along the same lines of a wallet is a messenger bag! If your guy does a lot of traveling for work or spends time on public transport, this is the perfect item. It has more than enough room to hold a laptop, books, chargers, phone, lunch, whatever he needs! This particular bag has amazing reviews and won’t break the bank.

Does your guy love technology? Get him an Amazon Echo Dot. Alexa (their Siri counterpart) can answer your questions, play music, make phone calls, send messages, and so so much more. After a simple set up, it will work in any room. This is as much a gift for you, as it is for him!

None of these Valentine’s Day gifts really fit your SO? Some other options can be tickets to an event (play, musical, sporting event, concert, etc), a night out at his favorite restaurant, cooking his favorite meal, or a simple card saying how much you care for him. In the end, I’m sure whatever you decide, he’ll love.

Do you give gifts for Valentine’s Day?

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14 thoughts on “5 amazing Valentine’s Day gifts for him

  1. These are great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts! My boyfriend has never made his own beer, but he likes it so the beer making kit and pint glass would be great for him!

    1. I actually got these ideas from my SO – he loves making beer (and it all started with a kit!) and for our first valentine’s day together, I got him a pint glass 🙂

  2. some great ideas here! I am considering the Echo Dot, I think it would be a great gift for my hubby. thanks for sharing these suggestions x

    1. My dad has just the regular Amazon Echo and he’s obsessed! If you end up getting it, I know you guys would enjoy it 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

  3. The messenger bag is a great idea. I recently got my husband a new messenger bag for the holidays. It is black leather for work. He loves it!

    1. I love messenger bags (and just all bags in general)! I just watched The Post today and was in love with Meryl Streep’s briefcase. It would be great if those would come back in style 😉

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