5 affordable holiday cocktails

I think we can all agree that one of the best parts of the holidays is enjoying time with family and friends. And what better way to help spice up your get together than with a drink or two? But with all the costs that come with the holiday season (while it is wonderful, it can get expensive), buying all the ingredients you need isn’t always feasible. So to help you start your festivities off right, I’ve created this list of five holiday cocktails that are both affordable and delicious!

The main goal was finding cocktails that not only share ingredients but are also made up of fewer components than some of the other drinks you might see. Throughout this post you’ll see items that are repeated as well as items that you might already have in your fridge or pantry.


When I think of the holidays, my mind instantly turns to cranberry. So what better way to help complement the season than with a delicious cosmopolitan? All you need to do is add the following ingredients to a shaker full of ice and the pour into your glass of choice – super easy! Feel free to add more cranberry juice or lime juice to taste!

– 2 oz vodka                      – 1 oz triple sec
– 1 oz cranberry juice        – 1 oz lime juice

White Russianwhite_russian_drink_holiday

“The Dude” was obsessed with these drinks for a reason. Containing a mixture of vodka, Kahlua, and heavy cream, you can now have your own adult version of milk and cookies. Just add the first two ingredients to a glass with ice and then follow with the cream. Feel free to not totally mix it and you’ll be able to see the layers!

– 2 oz vodka
– 1 oz Kahlua
– 1 oz heavy cream

cranberry_mimosa_holiday_drinkCranberry Mimosa

It’s Christmas morning! You wake up and before opening gifts you pour yourself a delicious cranberry mimosa! This is literally the easiest thing to make while also feeling a little fancy at the same time. All it takes is champagne (I got one of the little mini bottle – super cheap!) and some cranberry juice. Mix them together in a glass and you’re ready to open gifts and celebrate the day.


Fireball Hot Chocolatehot_chocolate_fireball_drink

Like the cranberry mimosa above, this is super mega easy. All it takes is a fireball shooter (I got mine for $1) and a mug of hot chocolate. The fireball gives it a delicious cinnamon taste. Wanna be fancy? Add some marshmallows on top! And that makes this the perfect Christmas Eve drink (I’m imagining a Christmas movie on tv, your tree lights blinking in the background, and a cozy blanket)!

Are you finding that none of these really float your boat? Cranberry vodkas are always an amazing fall back 😉 Happy holidays everyone!

What’s one of your favorite holiday cocktails?

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