33 drugstore makeup dupes that rival their more expensive counterparts!

When it comes to makeup, the more expensive cult favorites are definitely worth the price tag. These are products that have proven themselves to be high quality and built to last. But you shouldn’t have to constantly empty your wallet just to get the makeup collection you want.

Whether you’re looking for a new shade to try out, need some makeup for traveling, or looking to add something new to spice up your beauty routine, drugstore dupes are definitely the way to go. Help save before splurging by getting my FREE list of quality drugstore dupes!

I put together a list of 33 products that are comparable to the more expensive brands. These products are all similar in shade or consistency, but 100% more affordable for your bank account. While the higher-end products do tend to last longer or have other added benefits (they are favorites for a reason), these dupes are nothing to laugh at! You might even find your new favorite!

On my list you’ll find:

  • Foundation
  • Highlighters
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • And more!

Grab yours today!

NOTE: I searched for the prices in Target and Sephora. These might differ depending on the area you live in. Thanks!

Help save with my handy list of 33 drugstore dupes! Grab yours today!

4 thoughts on “33 drugstore makeup dupes that rival their more expensive counterparts!

  1. Hello
    Thanks for sharing, i usually do not buy beauty products and makeup from drug stores but reading your post has given me a reason to try some of them.
    Really appreciate you sharing this.

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